Our Story 2020

We’re inspired by the natural beauty of Australia to create limited edition, hand crafted menswear for the absolute individualist.

- Evan Sturrock, Co-Owner

Who are we?

We are an Australian label specialising in classic yet distinct fashion.
Inspired by nature, our pieces and collections are as unique as
the individuals they are created for.
Established in Sydney, 1977.

What do we do?

We are a family owned and operated business with a passion for the absolute individualist. We design and hand craft each individual piece with the care and quality that we have become famous for. We take great pride in our genuine and old-world style of service and impart a personalised styling experience like no other.

Commensurate to our outstanding service are our range of luxury textiles. Along with our fine silks and linens, we are world renowned for our Handwoven Raw Silk Textiles, which are inspired by the natural world.

Why our products?


We strive not to be only Australian by default, but in total experience.

We are passionate about pairing our authentically Australian design story with a uniquely Australian hospitality.


We find our inspiration in the immense natural beauty of our homeland, the places we have visited and in all that we do. Each of our signature textiles tells our Australian story.

We have collected some of our favourites here.


All of our garments are hand crafted with the skill and care that we have been known by for over 40 years.

Our Handwoven Silk Textiles are woven on hand looms, in-house and reveal the hand touch at each stage of their creation.


We have never been designers who followed trends or who were shackled by industry norms. We individually create pieces for the individuals who understand that whether it be a Navy Blazer or an Art Series Jacket, fashion trends come and go but style lives forever.

The Now

Kim and Evan are the unstoppable force behind today’s Joe Bananas. Together they combine 30 years of industry experience, a shared faith in being unconventional and a persistent desire to be the best.

Kim grew up in the business as Joe's nephew, and Evan, Kim's brother in law, commenced his career in fashion with Joe as his mentor. After pursuing their own paths, in 2013 Kim and Evan decided it was time to join forces to take Joe Bananas forward.

After his own career in the art world, Evan's brother Will eventually joined the Banana Plantation in 2018, taking the reins of the Australian business as Kim and Evan set forth for New York City.

Together they are Joe Bananas and they continue to push the evolution and revolution of the brand each and every day.

The Joe Bananas Family

Evan Sturrock

Kim Bourke

Will Sturrock

The Legacy

Joe Bananas established his label over 40 years ago, and really got set off by capturing the mood of the early 80s in his edgy, eclectic range.

A qualified Geologist, Joe always visualised his beloved Australian gemstones as the textures and colours of his fabrics, and set about creating silk textiles inspired by his surroundings and geological phenomena from the Australian Black Opal to iconic landmarks such as Uluru, all of which remain as signature weaves in our collections today.

In the 1980s, Joe Bananas built a loyal following of stylish individuals but it really took flight when Sir Elton John strolled through the doors of the then flagship store in Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building and asked to have the whole store boxed up and sent home to London. Since then, Joe Bananas has attracted clients from every corner of the globe.

While Joe passed away in 2012, his legacy lives on and Joe Bananas continues to grow and evolve beyond even his wildest dreams.

It was always about passion; and for me, my passion is my clients.

- Joe Bananas