Authentically Australian

We’re inspired by the natural beauty of Australia to create limited-edition, hand-crafted menswear for the absolute individualist.  

Our luxury handwoven fabrics are inspired by the magnificent colours and textures of our surroundings: from rare little rocks such as the opal to big ones like Uluru, and from man’s best friend, the loyal blue heeler, to his most feared, the taipan. Our inspiration from nature knows no bounds. 

We’re a family business with a love for personal style and a personal old-world style of service. Our greatest passion exists in introducing the man who has everything to something that he doesn't have. That’s what makes the Joe Bananas experience like no other.

The Now

Kim and Evan are the unstoppable driving force behind today’s Joe Bananas. Together they have over 30 years of industry experience, an insatiable desire to be the best and a shared belief in being unconventional.

Both have a long history with Joe Bananas. Kim grew up in the business as the son of the co-founder, Peter Bourke and the surrogate nephew of Joe, and Evan started his fashion career straight out of school, as Joe’s mentee.

After pursuing their own paths, in 2013, over a family dinner, Kim and Evan decided it was time to join forces to take Joe Bananas forward. 

Together they are Joe Bananas and they continue to push the evolution and revolution of the brand each and every day.

The Legacy

Joe Bananas was borne of a university friendship between Joe and his best mate, Peter Bourke. They shared a mutual love for fashion, rocks and nature. 

They set about creating silk textiles inspired by their surroundings: geological beauties like the Australian Black Opal to iconic landmarks such as Uluru - all of which remain as signature weaves in our collections today.

In the 1980’s, Joe Bananas built a loyal following of stylish individuals but it really took flight when Sir Elton John, the Rocket Man himself, strolled through the doors of the flagship store in Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building and asked to have the whole store boxed up. 

Since then, Joe Bananas has attracted clients from every corner of the globe. Although the original Joe Bananas has now passed away, his legacy lives on and Joe Bananas continues to grow and evolve beyond the wildest dreams of where it all began.