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CMB Cotton L/S Shirt


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The Cosmic Microwave Background is the leftover electromagnetic radiation from the big bang. The shadow of the Universe. Joe Bananas’ resident astrophysicist / spaceman / legend, Balt explained it over dinner but sadly most of the information was lost with the second bottle of wine. Any further explanation I could give about the CMB in a scientific form will be wasted energy on my behalf, hence why this shirt exists. Balt, this one is for you good Sir!

A picture tells a thousand words, but a shirt is better.


100% Cotton

Chest Pocket

Intermediate Joe Bananas Fit

Coconut Shell Buttons


Cold Water Hand Wash


Measuring Guide

All of our garments are hand cut and will have a small natural variance in size (+/-0.5")

We intend to make these to measure in most cases, so we will contact you for your measurements after purchase. These measurements are based on garments, not your body. Please measure your favourite shirt and compare to pick your closest size.

If you want to see a more complete guide to taking measurements, see our measuring guide here.