From the poppy instrumental take on the twelve-bar blues that introduces The Beatles’ Day Tripper, it is hard to believe the song was in fact about the songwriters’ penchant for taking illicit drugs. Both around the time the song was written, and confirmed by McCartney and Lennon on numerous occasions later, the song’s lyrics were their vocal commitment to the regular use of psychoactive drugs which induced a ‘tripping’ state. The idea of a ‘Day Tripper’ was Lennon’s term for a ‘weekend hippie’ or someone with less commitment to tripping than himself… Wow!

In no way, shape of form, does Joe Bananas condone the use of LSD, however, we love to imagine how the world looked in 1965 through this particular lens. We think our Day Tripper is about as close as we can take you, and as close as we are willing to go.

100% Fine Silk

‘Day Tripper’ Art Series

Fabric#: 1630



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