Featured Weave: Nullarbor Dusk

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The Nullarbor Plain is part of the area of flat, almost treeless, arid or semi-arid country of southern Australia, located on the Great Australian Bight coast with the Great Victoria Desert to its north. To many people this 1200 kilometre stretch of nothingness is somewhat ‘Nullar-boring’, but to us, it’s a vast landscape of colour and intrigue. At both dawn and dusk, the vibrant colours of the earth come alive as they talk with the skies above. Sunsets over the Nullarbor are especially brilliant and inspire this rich tapestry of vibrant colour.


Dress the Nullarbor Dusk Jacket down with mid-denim, blue, orange or crimson chinos and a printed shirt with primary colours. For evening, pare it back with black trousers or chinos and a white tee or shirt. Lilac linen or a purple printed shirt will bring the evening option more mood.


Running in a straight line for 146.6km, the Eyre Highway between Caiguna and Balladonia on the Nullarbor Plain is the longest straight piece of road on the planet!

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