The Golden Fibre - luxury at its finest.

The Golden Fibre knitwear collection is crafted from Australian Ultrafine Saxon Merino wool and spun by master craftsmen in Italy.

At 13.5 microns, The Golden Fibre is the world’s finest woollen knitwear.

Each step of the production of The Golden Fibre garment is meticulous and considered to ensure the highest quality is achieved - and it is crafted for those who seek the epitome of luxury.

Brushtail - warmth like no other.

Masterfully spun from a blend of New Zealand Brushtail Fur, Australian Ultrafine Saxon Merino Wool and Silk, Joe Bananas Brushtail is incredibly soft to the touch.

As the world's third warmest fur, Joe Bananas Brushtail creates an impenetrable barrier against the elements, keeping you warmer naturally.


100% Brushtail, Golden Fibre, Silk blend


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